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Information About Penguin

– A penguin gives birth to 1 to 4 babies according to its species. Baby penguins weigh maximum 1 kg.

– Average lifespan of a penguin is 6, 5 (six and a half) years.  They can live more than that period in case of well-care and extraordinary conditions.

– Penguins move only 10 cm in a step. They take 120 steps in a minute.

– In order to affect female penguin, male penguin takes a stone to his bills and puts it in front of female. Since Stone is rarely found in poles, this can be seen as rarely-found precious wedding present.

– They can stay underwater for 20 minutes.

– Penguins are a group of birds but cannot fly.

– Penguins having a 3-layer fur do not feel cold even at -50 degree.

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