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We did not aim to show you pictures and gifs of cute animals or to give you information about animals when we made this website or to earn money by means of the advertisements you have seen or will see on our website.

Of course, we had a purpose. And if you continue to read this article, this means we still have a purpose.

That purpose actually is to remind of you that the aims of almost all of the non-domesticated animals are not to attack human beings, frighten them, damage the environment or carry out such peevish things but to hunt in order to feed in their natural habitats which have been mostly damaged by human beings and to reproduce in order to sustain their generation.

Furthermore, since we all consider animals in that way, almost all the children (do not take offence but we have to generalize) are afraid of animals, do not like them or want to hunt (kill) them in the future.

This website was prepared to break down this opinion.  And the most useful way to realize this aim is to do by showing you guys some photos of the newborn animals. When you look at the photos on our website, you will definitely realize how cute all the newborn animals are and how vulnerable, helpless and loving they are just like us, human beings.

However we, human beings always consider them as aggressive and hazardous animals because of things they have done in the tough natural conditions or because of their appearances and the worst part is that we engrain this opinion into our children. However, these animals all try in order for this unique ecosystem to sustain properly. If human beings had interfered in nature, nature would have continued to work properly. Despite all these interferences, this unique cycle still moves on.

For example, in an agricultural land where snakes were mercilessly slaughtered, mouse population increased and a few years later all the crops were destroyed. After realizing the results, human beings put out snakes to lands.

For example, if lions or other predatory animals had not hunted, a great deal of herbivore living creatures which are hunt in ecosystem would have encountered with a variety of problems such as diseases, weakness and scarcity of food etc.  Cause predators hunt those which are weak, diseased and wounded and so, they enable the rest both to find grassland more easily and to have enough strength to resist on all kinds of natural events.

So; as you can see, actually they are just playing their own games. However, what about us?

Thus, let all the animals live freely in their environment. Let’s try to love them instead of prejudice approach against them. If we love them, this love will raise awareness in society. Thanks to this maybe we make them exist in the future and so maybe our children see and recognize them.

Or they will become extinct just like the ones that we, adults know by means of books or web portals like Wikipedia.

In the event that you wonder the endangered species, you can review the following LONG list.