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Tag Archives: Information About Animals

Information About Deer

            Interesting Facts About Deer There are approximately 50 deer species in the world. Female deer give birth to one or two babies after one gestation. Their antlers are far longer than 80 cm. Reindeer can run 80 km/h fast. Most deer are born with …

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Information About Rhino

Interesting Facts About Rhino – Today there are 5 species of rhinos; two of which live in Africa and three of which live in Asia. – Three of the five rhinoceros species are listed as being critically endangered. – Rhinos live approximately for 45 years. Male rhinos grow mature in …

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Information About Goose

Interesting Facts About Goose – The flying shape of wild geese is in V form. – They live approximately for 25 years. – They lay 2 to 6 eggs in each time. – Baby geese can swim even when they are one-day old and they can dive 30 -40 feet …

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Information About Zebra

Interesting Facts About Zebra – Every zebra has a unique pattern of black and white stripes just like the fingerprints of humans. – Zebras having black and white stripes can run 64 km/h fast. -Zebras are part of the equidae family along with horse and donkeys. -Zebras run from side …

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